Volcano Head Figures

There was a time many of my friends at office were exhausted and overwhelmed by over working nevertheless all of them had huge energy and ambitious for their achievement. This figure aimed to distribute to people who eventually left office, people I admired and enjoyed time together. The message is “Keep your passion heated even the circumstance is not allowing you to express.” Winter coat guard/protection/safe/retreat Smoke on the head Heat of passion 10 pieces limited. All hand crafted.
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Ist trobador, entre ver e mentir, Afollon drutz e molhers et espos, E van dizen qu’Amors vay en biays (These troubadours, between truth and lies/corrupt lovers, women and husbands,/ and keep saying that Love proceeds obliquely) wiki
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Art to Eat

Almost all people in this world love chocolate. But there are too few design considering amount of chocolate fans. I introduce an experimental chocolate design with characters. — Unfortunately, those cute characters make people hesitate to bite.
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