Gajib Amphawa – Logo design for hotel

Background: Gajib is a Hotel – bed & breakfast at Samut Sakhorn owned by Gib and Jazz. Gajib provide accommodation, cafe and activities services to both Thai local, international travellers. About the Name “Gajib” GAJIB -pronounced Ga-jib, came from client’s name GIB and her husband name JAZZ. And in thai GAJIB is a name of bird and in English it is called “TAILORBIRD”. Tailorbird is well known for its nest made of leaves “sewn” together. Hotel Info Gajib Bed&Breakfast Photos from Gajib B&B
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Flower Design Lab Logo Design

BACKGROUND Flower Design Lab is a Bangkok Based flower shop. ( This brand aim to deliver the emotional value of flower products/decoration services not only the functional value that make an occasion special as a part of decoration. MESSAGE It’s principle message, “All of us had a moment in our life that purely being impressed by the beauty of flowers.” with the image of a girl picking and collecting flowers happily to remind that nostalgic feeling.
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Lembah Bujang Key Visual

Lembah Bujang, Sustainable Tourism Destination Structuring and Branding March – July 2016 Social impact project conducted as part of the VIP Program, an initiative of the Malaysian National Blue Ocean Strategy (NBOS) Unit and a program of the Ministry of Finance (MoF), in partnership with Impact Hub KL and Scope Group, focusing on social entrepreneurship, sustainable tourism destination development and branding of Lembah Bujang area, northwestern Malaysia
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