Balance in the Universe – Fast Expos 2018 @ Sala Siroco Madrid



When I search on Google for the word “Balance”, it always shows images of a weighing scale or similar, a structure which holds two things and on equal sides, without much movement.

At the same time, I hear many times how important it is to keep balance in our life.

If this understanding of balance is to show in our life, we are to hardly move from where we are.

But when I think of life, we are always moving and changing. We have good times and bad times. Sometimes happy, sometimes sad. Sometimes with others, sometime by ourselves. We speak and we listen, we walk and then stand, we open and we close, we work and we play. Always on the move.

So here I try to visualize the universal balance that celebrates movement and change in all shapes and direction. We all should find our way to balance.

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