Best Friend Hero “Chello”
When you need someone who stand by you, Chello flies to you with an open heart and generosity.

About Gacharity
Sometimes but last long…
March 2011, tremendous amount of people lost important things and hurt so deeply by the earthquake and tsunami.
Of course, donations to support victims are important. But more importantly not forgetting that all recovery are upon our shoulders that we don’t know how long does it takes. Support with sympathy and practicality are very valuable but there could be a type of support with long term with enjoyment. This is the reason the Gacharity was produced.
A moment of excitement to you again from the time when you grabbed a capsule from the machine. There are a pin badge designed by various designers who were willing to participate. Designs will be updated in the future and all profit will be donated to people who need support through Red Cross Japan. -Gacharity executive committee
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