Infinite Story


From cave paintings to paper & books, from photographs capturing fleeting moments to the advent of motion pictures, storytelling has been a vital thread of civilizations. Technology advancements have continually shaped & expanded our storytelling abilities. The rise of all digital has had an unprecedented impact on how stories are presented & consumed. And through time, we all became storytellers in our own right. In an attempt to share our unique yet universally compelling narratives, we keep exploring our ways to connect.

In recognition of the power of story, TOWA frames emerge as a new, innovative way of storytelling. A decade of research & creative analysis gave shape to TOWA as a unique design grid able to address a variety of thematic proposals and close-to-infinite variations of the story presented. It aims to offer a distinctive visual storytelling format through an infinite art canvas collection that empowers our storytelling experience. Join TOWA and tell your story!



Barcelona is a unique and innovative city, and it’s where our TOWA project started taking its final shape. The city’s architectural wonders and fantasy-like elements all lead to inspire TOWA’s unique storytelling ways. 

TOWA Cities Barcelona by Shigeru Ito wonderfully captures the essence of Barcelona´s architectural marvel (La Sagrada Familia, Casa Batlló), its boasting fantasy and artistry crafted by its distinguished residents (Salvador Dalí, Picasso, Montserrat Caballé), along with joyful elements that embody the traditions of its local people (els Castellers, els Calçots, la Sardana). The peculiarity of imaginative elements introduced by the artist will allow you to see Barcelona in a whole new light, with amusement and an invitation to turn it all around by adding your twist to the city´s unending story. Enjoy!



Madrid is a lively Spanish capital nested at the very heart of the Iberian Peninsula. The city effortlessly blends customs and traditions of Spain´s diverse communities as a rich hub of culture, art, and culinary delights. It so seamlessly intertwines the past with the present, with long daylight making for short nights in Madrid at the joy of everyone. From Madrid al cienlo

TOWA Cities Madrid by Shigeru Ito offers a great portrayal of Madrid’s essence, its historic gems (el Palacio Real, la Puerta de Alcalá), its vibrant culture (el Museo del Prado, el Barrio de las Letras), local particularities (el Chulapo y la Chulapa, el Clavel) and much more. Transmitting a personal connection with the city, the artist creates a beautifully dynamic representation of the destination bound by heartfelt hospitality, excitement and celebration of Spanish cultural depth at its best. 

SHIGERU ITO is a Japan-born creative with an uncommon mastery of expression and visualization, affluent in construction of multilayered ideas and visual storytelling. Applying the concept of ‘kakazunikaku’ he intends to draw without drawing, aiming to give his work a universal value beyond shapes and lines. Thriving on his black and white ink drawing with a splash of watercolor, TOWA emerges as a unique visual storytelling format and an innovative artwork shape on its own. It is a format fit for all as it is creative, inclusive, educational and transversal. TOWA embodies our love for art, culture, diversity, adventure and human connection – unity in itself. Hence the start of the project with City Edition as an enticing invitation to (re)create our world destinations through imaginative storytelling and a stack of wonder.

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