Social Media Campaign

Share Your Magic Moments

Social Media Campaign

To amplify their latest brand campaign “Collect Your Magic Moment”, our mission was to deliver their message and engage with target users using photo contest framework on social media platform.

Photo contest is already played by users many times. How can we differenciate from other photo contests and highly engage with users?

“Share Your Magic Moment” photo contest allow user to control time of the day by simple user interface to see photos from other participants which were taken at the same time but different locations.

The winner selection and rewarding also using 24 hours timeline to make people inspired by photos from each hour of the day as well as celebrating 48 years anniversary of Bangkok Airways.

59,378 sessions to the microsite with 48,191 users 5,328 photos were shared from 1,826 users
1,275 photos were shared on Instagram

“Beyond the time difference of each place, we share the magic moment on the same screen.
Such as a moment of beautiful sunrise from Taj Mahal, from Bali and from Bangkok.”