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"Creating your comfort"

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Mitsubishi Electric required a new communication approach on Room Air Conditioner market in ASEAN and India in terms of differenciate from competitors. The RAC market in ASEAN and India have been changing because of the life style of people especially in urban area. They expect quality of experience and time in private space more than before and the environment out of home are hot, humid and dusty. 

By spotting the universal human nature, the creative which is applicable not only to a specific culture but also to multi-cultural ASEAN & India. By focusing on the physiological phenomena of human being created by the comfort of Mitsubishi Electric’s air conditioner, we expressed product benefit of creating comfortable space in a simple and intuitive manner. Caught the scene where people fall asleep as a documentary image. Also, it is a charming expression that spotted on human nature rather than a message from the manufacturer.

Researching local insight and generating communication ideas collaborated with a creative team in Tokyo.

5.7million views (Since 11 Mar 2018)

Creative Director: Kohei Matsui (MRM//McCANN)
Film Director: Thay Littichai

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